About us

Located in the center of Kanazawa city.

“Iron Horse Gym” provides you various kinds of training machines, and you can use them
only for JPY500.  If you join us now, enrollment fee is free!
“Most Heartwarming Sports Club Across Japan”
Aren’t you paying expensive monthly fee for a sports club even though you can’t go
on a regular basis because you are so busy with your work?
You don’t have to waste your precious money!!
Why don’t you think of using your money more wisely?
Let’s say, if you spend ten thousand yen for a sports club and you can’t go there that often, it
technically means you are throwing your money away into the river.
So, why not join “Iron Horse Gym”?
We are here for such busy people like you.
You can use various kinds of training facilities for only JPY500, without enrollment fee.
Our sports club is located in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture, and has such homey
We are very happy to work for you get your ideal body shape and younger by detoxing waste
Professional “Health Fitness Programmer” will always help you with a big smile.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity!  We welcome you any time!